Wood Trading Company


About Us

Wood is Our Passion. Service Is Our Specialty!

Our Company is established in Cameroon and operates in the Tropical wood market, exporting rough and semi-processed materials, mainly and principally Teak (Tectona Grandis) and upon demand, a few other commercially popular Hardwood species such as Doussie (Afzelia africana), Pachyloba ( Afzelia pachyloba), Tali (Erythrophleum ivorense) , Iroko (Milicia excelsa), Azobe (Lophira alata), Padouk (Pterocarpus soyauxii).
We exploit wood coming from Teak plantation and Natural forest and export products with the highest standards in the market and responsibility to our environment.

We are present as much on the local markets as in export . Our wood comes on the one hand from our own Teak plantation and on the other hand from local approved producers which enables us to answer effectively and within the time limits at the request of the market.

The company operates with high standards and all the certifications to only trade legally harvested wood, coming from licit Teak plantations and natural forest with a verified quality.

Teak products offered are Round logs, some fine cut squares and planks.

Other local hardwood species mainly come in round logs, rough squares and lumber as well.

Quality of the product and precision/fairness of the measurement (i.e. calculation of paid CBM) are guaranteed, to grant our clients the best quality/price ratio.

We highlight that all products come from legal plantations and natural forest concessions, with original certifications and treatment certificates.